Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Best Little 4th of July Parade in Town

I love a parade, but not all parades equally. I'm not a big fan of long, drawn-out parades with professionally designed floats and mechanically nodding and smiling robots -- or mechanically smiling beauty queens, for that matter. That is to say, the big annual 4th of July parade that goes along Constitution Avenue is not my favorite.

My top choice is: (ta-da!) the annual Palisades neighborhood parade. It's got everything a parade should have: local schools and clubs, usually in creative, homemade costumes; local politicians giving out free buttons and balloons; people in funny cars tossing out candy -- plus dancers, cute kids, cuter pets, and always a few new contingents with something unexpected. It's fun, lasts for about half an hour to 45 minutes, and best of all, you can find ample space to set up a lawn chair on the shady hillside overlooking the procession.

Everyone's welcome, and you don't have to come early to get a good spot!  Here are the details:

What: Palisades 4th of July Parade
When: Monday, July 4, starting at 11:00 am
Where: Starting at the corner of Whitehaven Parkway and MacArthur Boulevard, and ending at the Palisades Recreation Center on Sherier Place.

Happy 4th to all!

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