Friday, July 8, 2011

Recommended: Auto Body Shops

Our companion email list, the Cleveland Park Listserv, is a treasure trove of recommendations. We want to share on All Life Is Local, on a periodic basis, the best recommendations that have been posted on the Cleveland Park Listserv. Just use the search box on this site to type in the category of service you're looking for. 


Whether it's a big or small auto body repair, the very best auto body shop in the area is Jerry's Custom Automotive on Capitol Hill. Sad to say, I've had a lot of "dings" on my cars over the years, so I've used them a number of times. The shop is conveniently located close to two Metro stops, so you easily can take the Metro home, or you can pick up a ZipCar from one of the Capitol Hill locations nearby.

You can reach Jerry's Custom Automotive at 202-543-3000. When you call, ask for Jim. He's in charge.


I highly recommend John Ticktin, the owner of JT Autoservice in Bethesda, 301-493-6257. He was recommended by two people on the Cleveland Park Listserv; I found him to be honest, intelligent, highly able, and a man with whom it was a pleasure to do business. He works with all insurance companies -- you can go to him for car repairs, which he guarantees, even if his name is not on the list given to you by your insurance company.

We had a nice experience with Autobody Dimensions, which has an office/drop-off on River Road at Falls Road.


I have used Quattro Auto Body twice and both times was very pleased with the quality of their work, the timeline, and their professionalism. I cannot comment on price because the damage was covered by insurance of the people who hit my car.


I have had several jobs done at Bethesda Collision Center at 5202 River Road, just this side of the Giant. Call 301-654-3333. Gary Tavenner, the owner/manager seems very professional. The work work was done well, on time, at a reasonable price.


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