Saturday, July 23, 2011

Washington Tweets: Special Heatwave Edition

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This is a special heatwave edition of Washington Tweets. The heat and the humidity and the bad air is pretty much all that we're tweeting about. And we're tweeting a lot because being at one's computer beats being outdoors.

In DC we shut down for 2 inches of snow, but keep working when it's so hot and humid it's literally unhealthy to be outside.

Washington, D.C. - heat epicenter - highest heat index in US
Why do people like summer? 100 degrees in DC at almost 5 PM.Heat index 121. Nothing to like about this.

I approve of this name for the DC heatwave: "Sweat Ceiling"

Beat the heat: DC Housing Authority hosting senior cooling centers -

Best remedy for dc #heatwave: Magic Hat #9

This pathetic little DC air conditioner is NOT cutting it #heatwave #slowlymelting

Even my mother...who lives in ARIZONA is appalled at the temp/heat index/humidity levels in DC right now.

Weather forecast for today for the DC area: THERE IS A DEATH LASER IN THE SKY

This guy sitting next to me on the bus is sweating on my arm...from his armpit! #dc #heatwave

If you see a homeless person in the #DC heat w/o water/shelter, call 800-535-7252 and report location so they can get help

Heatwave isn't over, but impressed that #DC area power is hanging in there for most folks. Storm's coming, good luck @PepcoConnect!

Dulles and BWI airports had record high temperatures and the heat index hit 121 in Washington, DC today as a #heatwave peaked.

I'm oddly happy I'll be driving through CA/AZ desert later today where it'll be COOLER than the #DC swamp I live in. #heatwave

#DC #heatwave tip: dollar store Chinese fan 99 cents. Instant, no-power cooling Priceless.

Folks - this is not ordinary "july" DC weather: heat and humidity combo will be highest in years and potentially dangerous

With the hot weather in #dc this week, here's a cool-down snack suggestion for y'all. Watermelon and feta. You're welcome.

Mitchum clinical strength antiperspirant was on sale. Expected it to FAIL w/DC heat/humidity. Surprise, 12 hrs, STILL working!

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