Monday, August 15, 2011

The Cleveland Park Listserv Has 11,111 Members and We Have a Winner

Back on May 6 when the Cleveland Park Listserv had around 10,700 members, we started a contest asking people to guess the date when the list membership figure would be 11,111.

We hit that palindromic number on August 12, 2011. Margo, a list member since 2006, nailed it right on the nose, and won our prize of an Amazon Kindle.

There were guesses sent in ranging from May 6 (someone thought we could gain more than 400 members in 10 days!) to as far off as March 15, 2012. There were a good many guesses clustered around the beginning and middle of August, as quite a few list members could calculate the rate of growth (between 30-40 members per week) to come up with a fairly accurate guess.

You can find the current membership number (now up to 11,122) on the Cleveland Park Listserv home page at

Thanks to all who participated in our guessing game, and congratulations to the winner.

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