Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Photos of Irene's Aftermath

Like begets like: Cleveland Park Listserv members are continuing to send in their photos of fallen trees and powers line in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Along with her photo (second one), Mary Alice Levine notes: "There are two large trees down and two telephone polls down on the 3700 block of Yuma.  Needless to say, power is out. At 3900 Yuma, there is one large tree down between houses, and both houses are okay.  Remarkably, that block still has power."

Cortland Place, photo by Bill Menczer
Tree and lines down, photo by Mary Alice Levine
photo by Molly Magnuson
80 year old linden tree down on Cortland Place, by Bill Menczer
Dangling wires, photo by Christina Chu

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