Thursday, August 4, 2011

Police Reports: Jealous Fiancee Threatens Two Girls at Pool; Restaurant Patron Sets Fire to Napkins

Last week the regular police report issued by the Second District Police contained accounts of suspects arrested in not-so-regular circumstances.  The narrative was written by Lieutenant Alan E. Hill, manager of Patrol Service Area 202, covered an an assault at a swimming pool by a jealous fiancee, and some bizarre behavior by restaurant patron, ending in an arrest.
While we normally think of an "ADW" [assault with a deadly weapon] as an unsuccessful robbery late in the evening or early morning hours, the following two are examples of yet another type of ADW that we see quite often.
The assault in the 4500 block of Fort Drive happened at the aquatic center [Wilson Pool] and involved a young lady, who took exception at what she thought were advances towards her fiancé. During a heated verbal altercation the arrestee produced an edged weapon and brandished it at two separate females at two different locations within the complex. Members of the staff intervened and the subject was arrested without incident.
The ADW knife in the 2200 block of Wisconsin involved a patron (hereinafter referred to as the arrestee) who was approached about his behavior inside of a restaurant. The arrestee was setting napkins on fire and was approached by the staff. He was asked to leave and was escorted from the premises. Once outside the arrestee produced an edged weapon and brandished it at the employees. After a call to the police the subject was stopped a short distance away, positively identified and placed under arrest.
We love Lieutenant Hill's understated writing style, which refers to a "young lady" who "takes exception" to the actions of two other young women by "producing an edged weapon," instead of saying, more bluntly,"a girl got into a heated argument with two other girls for supposedly flirting with her fiancee, and she pulled out a knife and threatened them with it."

In the second incident, we wish we knew a bit more about the patron ("hereinafter referred to as the arrestee") and what prompted him to set the napkins on fire, and just what the waiters said "when they approached him." Too bad that the police reports never seem to have post-arrest follow-ups, so these details will remain a mystery.

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