Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crime Notes: Peeping Tom Reported in Glover Park

Here's a crime alert from a poster on the Glover Park Listserv:

Apologies for what may be an alarming email, but wanted to give everyone a heads up about an incident that occured last night. [This post appeared on Tuesday, November 15.]

I live in an apartment building on Calvert Street at 40th Street on the ground floor. I came home last night at midnight and opened one of the the windows in the bedroom as soon as I got home and pulled down the shades. A short while later, while adjusting the shades on one window I saw a shoulder. I pulled up the shades quickly on window two that was open and there was a man's face right there looking in. I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Get out of here" and he ran away.

We called the police and they showed up quickly to take a report and they didn't mention anything similar going on in the area. He was looking in a window located on Calvert Street which usually has heavy car/pedestrian traffic even that late.

On Sunday night, another one of my roommates noticed a man loitering around her windows (she is closer to sidewalk) and we dismissed it, but now I think it was likely this same man.  I don't have the best description other than clothing and build: He had darker skin, was stockier and about 5'7 to 5'10 in his late 30's to late 40's, gray track jacket with blue stripe down the sleeves; he was wearing a hat, I believe.

In case this is someone who does this often, I wanted to pass this along as word of warning.

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