Saturday, November 12, 2011

Police Warn about Muggings in Tenleytown/Friendship Heights

After the latest crime report from the Second District Police, which included yet another mugging in the Tenleytown/Friendship Heights area, in response to a question from a citizen, Lt. Alan E. Hill discounted the possibility of a link between the muggings. Here is his account:

The complainant reports while walking from the metro, two suspects approached her from behind. Suspect #1 grabbed her and indicated that he had a weapon (though none was seen) suspect #2 grabbed the complainant's property and the complainant was struck above the eye. Both suspects then fled to a nearby vehicle. The vehicle was last seen heading northbound in the 4400 block of 43rd Street NW.

The victim was very shaken and the three suspects had on masks and gloves, so there is no usable lookout for the suspects.

A witness heard the commotion and reports seeing a vehicle leaving the block at a high rate of speed and describes the vehicle as a Dodge Charger four-door, black in color with tinted windows.

Stolen was assorted personal effects and electronic equipment.

There have been four robberies since August 1st in the Tenleytown and Friendship Heights area. While there is currently no information to link them together, we will continue to review each case for similarities. Pedestrians should note that with the onset of winter, weapons are more easily concealed and robberies
typically increase during this time of year. Universal precautions should be used. It is imperative that you be conscious of your surroundings.

Lieutenant Alan E. Hill
Manager, Patrol Service Area 202
Second District, Metropolitan Police Department
3320 Idaho Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016
202-506-0662 cell


  1. This is why good, law-abiding citizens should be able to carry their own concealed handguns, and be able to defend themselves against thugs like those in the article.

    DC's draconian gun laws don't let "good guys" carry guns outside their homes, but "bad guys" don't care about laws - and they sure as heck know that "good guys" follow the law and because they do, they're easy-to-rob, unarmed targets.

    That's why crimes like these happen so often in places like DC, where "good guys" can't arm themselves in public, and very rarely in places where law-abiding citizens CAN be armed to protect themselves (e.g., Virginia).

    When will the DC Council liberate DC's law-abiding citizens from having to walk around as easy targets, in fear of being mugged (or worse yet, killed) in public?

    1. Anonymous - you are quite simply misinformed and quite frankly, an idiot. imagine the increase in crime that will ensue by legalizing hand guns in DC, which used to have the highest crime rate in the country. Will allowing people to have guns reduce crime? No, in fact it will increase it, just under the guise of self defense. Move to VA if you feel you need to tote your handgun to feel safe. You'll need it there for sure.