Saturday, January 7, 2012

Arrest Made in Felony Threats Incident on 45th Street, NW

The Second District Police reported that on New Year's Day an incident occurred on the sidewalk of the 4900 block of 45th Street, NW. Lt. Alan Hill updated the report with details about the arrest made in the case, and at the same time corrected the charge in the original report:

This offense was initially dispatched as a robbery in progress. There was a language barrier as the caller had a very strong accent. He initially reported something to the affect of this guy tried to rob me! Thus the DC Alerts page was sent out as a robbery. This is preliminary, unvetted information provided for situational awareness and is subject to change as the incident is being investigated .

Officer Pryor arrived on the scene and began to interview the complainant and learned that the complainants felt the individual may have mental issues. They report that the suspect approached the driver, a pizza delivery man, and demanded a ride while gesturing that he had a gun. The driver said "No!" The suspect then walked around to the passenger side and demanded that the passenger get out so that he could ride. The suspect yelled, "No, get out of here, we have work to do!" And the suspect left.

The suspect walked back past the location a half an hour later and MPD units responded to the area and stopped the individual. A positive identification was made on the scene and the suspect was placed under arrest for "Felony Threats" under the second sighting statute. The subject was thoroughly searched and was found not to have a weapon on his person.

The arrestee is known to occasionally frequent the area. He has a prior arrest around 41st and Legation so I will be sending his information to the detectives for a comparison against other crimes in that area.

The final disposition of this crime will be one arrest for Felony Threats and the event will be re-classified as a Felony threats in the MPD data bases.

Lieutenant Alan E. Hill
Manager, Patrol Service Area 202
Second District
Metropolitan Police Department
3320 Idaho Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

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