Monday, January 23, 2012

Washington Tweets

Washington Tweets
by Bill Adler

Washington tweets. A lot. The Washington Tweets column is a collection of the most interesting, recent Washington-area tweets. These tweets reveal a candid and fascinating portrait of what is on our collective minds: Twitter gives a snapshot of what we're doing, thinking and hoping for. Washington Tweets is Washington in the raw. Bill Adler tweets at @billadler.

Awesome date place in DC: Ice Rink at the Sculpture Garden. Guys, I did it and I haven't skated in 20 years. #dc #dating

This morning's severe DC weather situation is a bunch of baloney. Downright delightful commute.

Hold up! @wmata @unsuckdcmetro so the bus driver GOT OFF, announced going to lunch and left everybody on it. X2 WHT TYPE O SH*T IS THAT?!

Despite my support for the Ravens, I would like to point out that Baltimore has just as many -- if not more and bigger - rats than DC

#WMATA at Vienna: "This train will not be next to leave." So 1/2 the passengers move to newly arrived train. Then 1st leaves.

Proposed NOAA move to Interior faces opposition from NWS union & enviro group NRDC:

A rise in sea level of a few inches could cost DC billions: on

Cheh brings up issue that has been forgotten: patients that need medical marijuana.

If DC residents are not unified on medical pot cultivation centers, I think it will be all the easier for DEA to come in and shut them down

Read Mary Cheh's hate mail.

There's a restaurant in DC called "Bilbo Baggins Restaurant and Pub"!? Why am I just now finding this out?

So what would Dulles Rail look like without a stop at Dulles?

DC parking victim 1 for today #gloverpark pic.

We need Assault of Bicyclists Prevention Act of 2011. Attempted assault w a @DCCirculator bus:

Find out what is "wrapped in bacon, deep fried" in Cleveland Park's new bar:

Mendelson's gay divorce bill to get 1st vote on 2/7, is on consent agenda (likely to pass unopposed)

Trying to solve a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a fajita. Or maybe I'm just hungry.

@wmata station manager at smithstonian was rude and unprofessional to my wife. Accused her of fare jumping. I would like to speak with him.

Blog Post: Not all D.C. politicos drive luxury SUVs

Good list of respectable, non-fratty bars in AdMo:

D.C. appeals court says juror questionnaires in Chandra #Levytrial should be released.

@marycheh slaps down Taxi commish for busting #UberDC - way to go!  #UberDCLove

Woo Your Valentine at the Zoo on Feb. 11! Tickets for Woo at the Zoo are on sale now!

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