Thursday, March 8, 2012

Compilation of Dog Groomers

All Life Is Local has a companion listserv,, which regularly receives queries from members looking for recommendations. From time to time on All Life Is Local, we like to post a compilation of recent, helpful recommendations on a particular topic on the listserv -- in this case, dog groomers.

Cleverdog in Silver Spring is great. My young terrier had a bad experience at another groomer, causing him to refuse to walk in their door. Marie at Cleverdog took great care of my scared boy and gave him a fantastic cut:

We take our Welsh Terrier and Lakeland Terrier to Bone Jour in downtown Bethesda, 4927 Saint Elmo Avenue, Bethesda, 301-656-2663. Our dogs come home every time beautiful, sweet smelling and happy!

We love Diva Dogs mobile grooming. The groomer is Yong Choi and he is great with our shih tzu and just a really nice guy. His number is (703) 509-8795, and his address is listed as 4826 MacArthur Boulevard.

The Dog Shop, (202) 337-3647,, does a reasonably good job for much less than some other groomers. ChiChie's, (202-333-3575) does a fabulous job, but is very expensive.

I've had fine experience with Pooches, Kittens & Kisses, 202 723-7387,, who've claw trimmed Abby, my female feline, couple of times well and reasonably at home.

We also have a goldendoodle named Cooper and use Groomingville. Susannah is great. She works out of her home in Rockville but she or her husband will come pick up and drop off your dog. Their number is 240-330-8674.

My newish puppy, a toy poodle, has been groomed only once since I got him -- by one of the mobile groomers, Bark In Style ( They were recommended to me by my neighbor. You make an appointment, and the large van pulls up in front of your house, apt, and the groomer (in my case a very nice young woman) takes the dog out to the van and returns him shampooed and shorn about an hour to an hour and a half later. I suspect larger dogs take longer. I think the charge was $80 or $85, and I tipped her, which I sensed is expected. So it wasn't cheap, but very efficient and convenient. I think she did a good job and what I wanted (simple puppy cut - nothing fancy). Angus (the 4.5 pound poodle) seemed unfazed by the experience. Also, poodles (and perhaps goldendoodles?) grow hair in their ears, which can tend to lead to ear infections, so the groomer also "plucked" his ears: a task I really didn't want to do and was glad to pay someone else to do.

It's not super-convenient to Cleveland Park, but I cannot say enough good things about Renée who grooms on Saturdays at The Dog Stay in Silver Spring (Georgia Avenue, just over the District line): They don't list grooming on their site, but call or email and ask for an appointment. Renée has coped with equal grace and gentleness with my never-previously-groomed, very hairy and bouncy large young dog, and with my extremely elderly and ill Cocker Spaniel.

We just had our dog groomed at Wag Time and were very pleased with the grooming. Wag Time is a complete pet center with doggie day care, grooming and a pet shop. Their website is, and they are located at 1232 9th Street, NW, near the Convention Center. It wasn't difficult at all to get to. 

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  1. What about Grooming By Em in North Brentwood?? She is great! They are open 7 days a week and prices are extremely comfortable.