Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clear Out Unwanted Electronics at Hearst School's E-cycling Event on May 5th -- And Pick Up Some Free Software, Too!

Save yourself the drive to the Fort Totten Trash Facility across town: This Saturday you can e-cycle your old computers, audio and other equipment, right here in the neighborhood, and at the same time pick up some gently used books, and some free software. This event benefits Hearst Elementary School at 3950 37th Street NW. Here's the flyer:

Come to Hearst Elementary's Spring E/Free-Cycle and Used Book Sale!

Are you wondering what to do with that old computer that is gathering dust in your basement? Do you have old, obsolete, or broken electronic equipment? Would you like to donate working electronics to a neighborhood free-cycle or find an item for yourself? How about buying a bag of gently used books? On May 5, 2012 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am, Hearst will hold its fourth annual neighborhood e-cycle/free-cycle/used book sale at the school. We will be collecting the following electronics for a new life in our free-cycle or for transport to Ft. Totten for recycling: 
  • Audio/visual equipment 
  • Audio cassette tapes 
  • Camcorders, digital cameras 
  • CD Rom drives, CDs/DVDs 
  • Cell Phones and pagers 
  • TVs, VCRs, and VCR tapes 
  • Connectors/cords/wire 
  • Copy machines 
  • Fax machines, printers, scanners 
  • Laptop and Netbook Computers 
  • Video Games and handheld Game systems 
  • Graphing Calculators 
  • Floppy disks and hard drives 
  • Memory Chips 
  • Network/video/sound cards 
  • Power supplies 
  • Computers and monitors 
  • iPods and MP3 players 
  • Printer cartridges 
  • Unbroken compact fluorescent lightbulbs 
  • Batteries (no car batteries!) 
  • Game Consoles (Wii, PS, Xbox) 
  • GPS devices; radar detectors 
  • Tape drives 
This event is free, but we gladly accept all donations to help us pay for our costs and support our school. We will have a free moon bounce for children, a bake sale during the event with many yummy things from which to choose, and the PTA will be selling reusable, BPA-free water bottles. 

And, new this year, we will also have a used book sale (in keeping with the idea of re-use) -- so don't forget to bring a reusable bag or two for carrying goodies to take home! 

Returning this year: the Free Open Source Software (FOSS) table, put on by Kevin Cole and Sanjay Jain. Here's their description of how FOSS works:
Free Open Source Software allows you to use older computers for longer, thus reducing e-waste. We will have Ubuntu CDs to give away. See Bill Adler's comments about Ubuntu at:  (You will need to subscribe to the Cleveland Park Listserv --it's free and open to all at to access this message.) 
If you'd like to try Ubuntu before the event to see if your equipment can be used for a few more years, you can download it from For computers older than 8 or 10 years, I recommend If you have any difficulty downloading the software or creating a CD, I'd be happy to let you have one before the event. You can email Sanjay Jain at
 Phoebe Hearst Elementary is located at 3950 37th Street NW, 20008, 202/282-0106. 

For complete details visit:

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