Monday, May 14, 2012

Washington Tweets

by Bill Adler

Washington tweets. A lot. The Washington Tweets column is a collection of the most interesting, recent Washington-area tweets. These tweets reveal a candid and fascinating portrait of what is on our collective minds: Twitter gives a snapshot of what we're doing, thinking and hoping for. Washington Tweets is Washington in the raw. Washington Tweets is published on Monday. Bill Adler tweets at @billadler.

A showery commute for DC area - looks like on and off showers all day. Drive safely, and carry the umbrellas... (@capitalweather)

The anti-transit ideology we've seen around the country now endangers the Silver Line: via @ggwash (@ggwash)

I think it's odd how we have pigeonholed "progressive" in DC into some sort of @TommyWells issues litmus test. @kcivey @timcraigpost (@BryanWeaverDC)

#DC RT @TBD: Guardian Angels will start patrolling near Columbia Heights Metro Station today after a beating last week (@ccooks3)

Check it: Parking Panda is available in #DC now. Such a great idea. (@originalgriz)

While it's true that DC is full of eligible bachelors, somewhere around zero percent are what I want. #dating (@cscchick)

trying to write but OH HELLO ADORABLE BABY PANDA TRYING TO CLIMB A LADDER. (@amorrissey)

I will never understand how people can sleep on the metro without missing their spot. Hell, I'm baffled people can sleep on it, period (@hillarygrove)

Monkey see, monkey do. Teens are texting just like their parents -- (@postmetrogirl)

Try'n to find a parking spot here in "Glover NO Park" SMH We never really have problems finding a parking spot?!? SMH (@DawnBuxDC)

Cyclists wearing helmets while plowing down sidewalks, there is a circle of hell just for you filled with pitbulls who like to chase things. (@heathermg)

Though I'm guessing the helmeted doctor/nurse in scrubs who made me leap out of the way was just thinking, "This will be good for business!" (@heathermg)

There's something about watermelon. Not only does it taste good, but it reminds me of childhood with my family. (@cajunjen)

Did my mitzvah today - helping two stroller families get to the zoo. NOW STAND TO THE RIGHT. (@allybug99)

#DC officials are moving closer to allowing charter schools to grant preference to families in nearby neighborhoods (@postlocal)

Stoddert Elementary staff lead cheers for science fair winners. @StoddertNews @dcpublicschools (@gloverpark)

Ledroit Park in NW #DC is a neighborhood known for its rose bushes, but now, it's being plagued by bees. (@TBD)

DC is getting new parking signs to reduce sign clutter. (@DMVFollowers)

Of all mass transit systems I have ever ridden, #wmata Metro is in all respects the least informative and most unpleasant. (@datawench)

Today I became "the boss". (AKA the summer intern started.) (@kb20008)  

Wow. Gem of a old #WMATA ad on cutting thru congestion to get to work. h/t @emrldcitychick (@kytja)

Bag checks at Cleveland Park Metro. Surely there are better (& more constitutional) uses for police. #wmata #securitytheater (@kcivey)

I usually like artsy bike racks, but the new Adams Morgan ones make it hard to lock a bike up to them. (cc @alexbaca) (@dcist_martin)

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