Saturday, July 21, 2012

Become an ANC Commissioner!

If you are thinking about running for a seat on your local Advisory Neighborhood Commission, there's now a very helpful website set up by Cleveland Park resident Keith Ivey (thank you, Keith!), which lets you look up who your current ANC Commissioner is, find out if your Single Member District has been affected by redistricting, and see who has already picked up petitions to run for the seat in November:

There's more useful information about the ANC election in the message below, originally published on the Cleveland Park Listserv.

Peggy Robin
Publisher, All Life Is Local
The Cleveland Park Listserv
Former ANC-3C commissioner (in the '80s)

Election Information for Prospective ANC Candidates - Early Start in 2012!

In past years nominations petitions for ANC positions were not available until the first week of August. This year the petitions will be due at the end of the first of week August.

Beginning Monday, July 9th, the Board of Elections will give out nomination petitions for the next ANC elections. Interested candidates will then have until close of business on Wednesday, August 8th, to return the petitions with the signatures of (at least) 25 registered voters who also live in the Single Member District (SMD) that they wish to represent. And on November 6th, Election Day, the voters will make their selection. The winning candidates will take office after noon on January 2nd once they are sworn in.

Candidates must go to the Board personally to pick up their petitions, or send a representative to pick them up. (If you send a representative, you will need to give your representative a letter authorizing them to pick up the peititions on your behalf.) In addition to the petitions, the Board will also give the candidates a list of the registered voters who live in their SMD and a map of the SMD's boundaries. Candidates will also need to file a "Declaration of Candidacy." You can file this form when you pick up the petitions, or you can file it when you turn in your petitions, but you must file it before the August 8th deadline if you wish to have your name on the November 6th ballot.

The Board is located on the second floor of 441 4th Street NW in room 250N. Their phone number is (202) 727-2525. You can also pick up a lot of useful information by visiting their website at

There are a few simple rules governing raising and spending campaign funds by ANC candidates. The Office of Campaign Finance provides information about the rules on their website .

Finally, the qualifications for running for ANC are also quite simple. You must be a registered voter and have lived in your SMD for 60 days before submitting your nomination petitions (in other words you must have begun living in your SMD by June 9th of this year.)

Bob Maudlin

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