Monday, March 18, 2013

Washington Tweets

by Bill Adler

Washington tweets. A lot. The Washington Tweets column is a collection of the most interesting, recent Washington-area tweets. These tweets reveal a candid and fascinating portrait of what is on our collective minds: Twitter gives a snapshot of what we're doing, thinking and hoping for. Washington Tweets is Washington in the raw. Washington Tweets is published on the Cleveland Park Listserv,, on Monday. Bill Adler tweets at @billadler.

Frustrated with cab companies, a D.C. restaurant is starting its own car service. (@wcp)

I'm not here for any snow flurries!!!!!! #DC (@SunniAndTheCity)

Photoset: it's all about the dog, st paddy's day parade, washington, dc. (@jrnelsonphoto)

Thanks for all the bday wishes! Had an awesome time at DC St. Patrick's Day Parade. @washcaps game tonight (@katieledecky)

An ad on the #wmata Metro. It bothers me that this DC-targeted ad is clearly a photo in Downtown LA. (@Tracktwentynine)

Kelow = coolest woman in D.C.? Probly. Had fun editing this feature about the DMV rapper in this week's @wcp. (@allyschweitzer)

"Your safety is my number one concern... I haven't slept in two days." -- my #greyhound bus driver driving 60+ people to DC @GHoundBusHelp (@Brett_Frazer)

#DC cops looking for perps in #Metro bus robbery. (@darcyspencer)

Spring is Springing: What's fresh this week (@dinodc)

Ugh 7:30 a.m. flights - lots of amateurs this late in the day. @USAirways PLEASE bring back the 6 a.m. IND-DCA! (@IndyThompson)

Thanks @wmata both SmarTrip card machines don't work at WFC - had to buy paper card to get to work and spend more $ @unsuckdcmetro (@theitgirl)

#four23dc RT @tmcw: the democratic and republican candidates in the DC Council race are using the same web template / so hard to choose (@dcist_martin)

Wells-zilla. RT @wcp: Councilmember Tommy Wells wants to shut down the Fur and Ibiza nightclubs (@ChuckThies)

Photo taken during a bus strike in DC in 1974. Transportation options are a good thing. (@BikeArlington)

Dear Dupont Circle, I love you. Where else can I get a latte, walk in & get my hair blown out, pick up a gift & new dress in 1 block? #DC (@floridagirlindc)

The great Adams Morgan sinkhole! (@dcist)

Dear non-DC peeps: Go-Go is a style of music that has nothing to do w/ 1960's or ladies in tall boots. Please google Chuck Brown. #PumpMeUp (@betterdrinking)

#WMATA will add more lighting to mezzanines at 10 stations: on (@ggwash)

Best #Vegan Chinese restaurant in DC suburbs! (@ Yuan Fu Vegetarian) (@Daroff)

This comparison to buggy whips I can get behind. MT @TransportNation How DC's parking minimum's are like buggy whips: (@AZenner)

Is there a cozier, more adorable DC restaurant than Mama Ayesha's? #ithinknot (@WashingTina)

The @NationalZoo brought in a pediatrician to treat the seasonal allergies of Red Oak, a 20 y/o brown-footed lemur: (@wamu885news)

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