Saturday, May 4, 2013

Still Life With Robin: May the Fourth Be With You

by Peggy Robin

Happy Star Wars Day! The galactic juggernaut actually had its premier on May 25, 1977, but fans celebrate a few weeks early, on May 4th because of the homophonic convergence with the immortal phrase "May the Fourth be with you." (

What do you do to observe this monumental date in sci-fi history? The true aficianados put on costumes of their favorite characters and leap around with light-sabers, but there are a number of other lower-key activities available to more restrained fans (and those of us over the age of eleven). My suggestion for a simple, fun way to mark this occasion is to discover your Star Wars name. This is such a popular activity that there are at least 10 different websites devoted to it, but here are two that consistently come up with good ones: and

Well, that didn't take long, did it? Now how are you going to waste the rest of this beautiful spring day? As long as you are having a good time with goofy name generating, why not find out...

Your pirate name:

Your Viking name: (Note: if you want an actual Viking name, used by a real Viking, go here: )

Your Hobbit name: (Note: if you want an actual Hobbit name, used by a real Hobbit, I hate to break it to you, but Hobbits do not exist.)

Your Japanese name:

Your steampunk name: (Note: This site won't turn your name into a steampunk name, but it's an unbeatable compilation from which to select your steampunk moniker.)

Your NPR name: . (Note: Follow the formula described on this site and you will come up with something more or less appropriate, but it still won't be in the same league with Dina Temple-Raston, Kai Ryssdal, Kavitha Cardoza, or Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson!)


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