Saturday, June 8, 2013

Still Life With Robin: A Spoony Tune for June

by Peggy Robin

On this second Saturday in June I am in a rhyming mood, made easier by the promiscuous rhyme-ability of the "oon" sound, which offers an entire alphabet of rhymes, (although some rhymes are inarguably better than others). So here goes, in A-Z order...with sincere apologies in advance for all the groaners.

A lovely rhyming month is June
June o Junio es bueno Aún
June's soft spring air may loft a Balloon
Or sprout the twig for a bug's Cocoon
At the beach beneath a sandy Dune
A crab to its home will return, Eftsoon
Grapevines the fences will Festoon
Like vipers from far-off Gaboon
That cling to branches, roughly Hewn
While birds nearby tweet-tweet In-tune
To delight of girls and boys Jejune
Even in distant Sas-Katoon
Where date and mate the Canadian Loon
'Neath the winking eye of Canadian Moon
Then sleep, you birds, all morn, past Noon,
As you wish, as you will, to each his Oon
Your origins I'll not im-Pugn
As some taunted Dumas (they called him Quadroon)
In his books in fine French, not in Viking Rune,
His heroes were dashing and made ladies Swoon
Now dance to the music, step to the Tune
Then bow as in worship of God Tri-Une
Bang drum and chant low, as for rites of Voudoun
Whether Haitian or French, Dutch or Walloon,
Keep playing, my friend -- in WoW, you are Xune
(We will read about you in the Times-Pica-Yune)
You'll have the last word in this rhyme -- and it's Zoon!*

*(Though the pronouncing dictionary tells me it's Zoh-on, I'm going to pretend I never heard that.)


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