Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just Three Things You Wish People Knew About Your Job

by Bill Adler

I'm working on my next book: Just Three Things: What Everyone Should Know About Everything.

Just Three Things is asking people: What are the three things that you wish other people knew about your business, career, field, or profession? These three things can be advice, trivia, little-known facts, or something based on your expertise. The three things can be activities you wish people did, or simply want people to know about life, based on your work experience. The three things can be a short list --a single sentence each-- or each can be as long as a paragraph.

Just Three Things will be be a compact, handy, accessible and insightful advice book based on real people's real experiences. 

What are the three things that you wish people knew about your profession?

If I use what you send in, you'll be mentioned by name and job, so please include that information, too. You can use the web form at Just Three Things or send me an email

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