Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Update to Ice Cream Competition

Photos by Nicecream Factory
by Peggy Robin

Here's the outcome of the DC Scoop Best Ice Cream Competition at Union Market reported in this space yesterday. I urged everyone to turn out today and vote for Nicecream Factory. not solely out of familial self-interest (my daughter is part of the team) but also because it really is the best ice cream ... and the judges agreed! Nicecream WON the professional judging competition, beating out worthy competitiors such as Dolcezza Gelato (last year’s winner), Giffords, Dolci Gelato, and eleven others -- see

For reasons not made clear at the time, the “people’s choice” voting was cancelled. So much for my push to get people to come out and vote on the grounds that we here in DC have too few opportunities express our will at the polls! Still, having professional chefs and foodies choose Nicecream was not a bad outcome!

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