Saturday, September 19, 2015

Still Life With Robin: Aww, Sweet....

Photo from National Zoo Panda Cam
by Peggy Robin

Time for some “Aww, that’s nice.” Of course you have learned by now that the internet is a roiling sea of trolls – yet if you search you can always find a few islands of calm; it’s worth pausing every now and then to surf over to one of them and bask a bit in the sunlight – kind of like a cat seeking out a warm, comfy spot. As there’s never any trouble finding cats on the internet, the first one of these “Aw, sweet” moments, is, naturally, of a cat:

And now, to balance things out, here’s a sweet dog. It’s an old-faithful-friend story of the dog that stood guard over its trapped doggy pal until help arrived:
OK, maybe this story would have been better if the dog had run to get help, barked meaningfully a couple of times, and then led a rescue party straight to the trapped pooch, instead of sitting there like a rock for a solid week….but then you would have concluded you were watching an old episode of Lassie, and not something that actually happened.

Lest you think it’s only cute animals that warm our hearts, take a look at this loving kiss by two very sweet human beings, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter (caught on Kiss Cam at an Atlanta Braves Game):

But back to animals. Time for an update on our new panda cub:
Want more? Feast yourself!

Could there possibly be anything cuter than a baby panda? Yes! A snoring dormouse:


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