Saturday, January 16, 2016

Still Life With Robin: Snowflakes and Rainbows

Photo by Mary Hollinger, NOAA photo library
by Peggy Robin

On Monday, January 11, DC’s Snow Team went into full alert sending this snowstorm preparedness press release in advance of Tuesday evening’s predicted snow sprinkles -- -- making me wonder if anyone at DPW bothers to read the forecasts put out by meteorologist Jason Samenow of the Washington’s Post’s mostly-on-target Capital Weather Gang. On that same Monday morning, Jason called it just right: “Some mood snowflakes may swirl through the air late Tuesday afternoon in D.C. area; These flakes are likely to have little impact on the region.” []

On the other hand, Jason was caught off-guard by the sudden darkening of the skies and downpour on Sunday afternoon (1-10-16). But, as if in compensation, we were all rewarded afterward with some lovely, color-intense rainbows, including some double and even triple ones, posted by Capital Weather Gang fans/photographers: 

This weird winter weather week (4 W’s – how’s that for alliteration?) began with a 63 degree day on Sunday afternoon, January 10…. and the following morning, we woke up to 27 degrees F – a drop of 36 degrees in less than 18 hours. That change led me to rummage around Google for a while to see if I could discover whether the overnight shift from balmy, spring-like conditions to much-colder-than-average winter temperature set any kind of record for the region. Maybe I just wasn’t phrasing the search correctly, or should have gone to a particular weather statistics site but I came up empty-handed. There’s a term “Googlenope” for a word or phrase that returns zero results. Maybe there should be a term “Googledope” for something that is probably easy to find using Google, but due to incompetent search terms, turns up nothing for the searcher.

However, while doing a Google search on a particular topic, I often stumble across something I wasn’t looking for, that is more interesting. In this case, it’s back to The Capital Weather Gang, who compiled and posted this fascinating column on the record snows of Washington, DC: Thanks, Jason and team, for some of the best weather reporting of the week. No, make that best weather reporting, consistently. DPW, I suggest you check this source next time, before you get all your snowplows all lined up and ready to go.


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