Saturday, March 26, 2016

Still Life with Robin: Take a Peep at This...

The Washington Post Peeps Contest 
by Peggy Robin

One of the little wonders of the year comes to Washington in the springtime with the unveiling of the winners of the annual Washington PostPeeps contest. The wild creativity, as well as design skills involved in using marshmallow bunnies and other kitchen-drawer materials to build a diorama of a familiar story, news event, or scene, astounds me every year. I never enter because I know I can’t compete with the fantastical, whimsical wonders that every year take home the prizes. This year especially, among much grim and scary news, it’s a relief to savor the sweetness (literally, because everyone has build with and around sugary Peeps) and frivolity of the creations.

And with that introduction, here are this year’s top five finalists:
The online views of each of these winning entries are greatly enhanced when you drag your mouse around the photo to change the view – it goes 360 degrees!

This year is the 10th anniversary of the contest, which does keep getting better as it ages. You can see another 41 worthy also-rans here:

My own three favorites – always slightly different from the Post’s picks:
#21 “The Peeple’s Peep Visits Washington, DC” –  A triptych of three well-executed scenes, in which Pope Francis appears as a particularly distinguished marshmallow bunny.
#25 “A Confection of Ai WeiWei's MasterPeeps” – stunning recreations of the works of one of the most brilliant and provocative artists alive today – the art accurately rendered in marshmallow and other things you find around the house.
#26 “Peep Trek” – in honor of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek – Spock has pointed bunny ears! Yeoman Rand’s hilariously accurate basket-weave hairdo completely covers her bunny ears. What great detail work!

Although the online 360 degree viewing of the top five online has a certain wow-factor, you still might prefer actual to virtual reality, and in that case, head down to the Peeps & Company store at National Harbor, where the winners are on display now through April 24. Details at:

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