Saturday, August 6, 2016

Still Life with Robin: Rio, Day One...and It Keeps Getting Better!

Caracara Riding on a Capybara - Another Unusual Brazilian Sport
(Photo by CharlesJSharp via Wikimedia Creative Commons)
by Peggy Robin

It’s been just 24 hours since the Rio 2016 opening ceremonies and already there are some spectacular events recorded and available on the internet. If you have not seen these before, take a look. You will be amazed!

This event is beyond fantastic – and I bet you didn’t even know it existed:
Team Giraffe Diving:

You may have seen some high-flying trampoline routines before, but none like this one:

Then there’s this very excellent men’s synchronized swim team:

If you watched the Parade of Nations at the Opening Ceremonies yesterday evening, you already know the sensation of the night was the Well-Oiled Tongan:

But you may have missed the earlier entry of the Estonians in Triplicate:

But my favorite Olympic moment of all time is surely this one – Michael Phelps at the Sochi Winter Olympics:

Looking for actual Olympic news? This is the not-kidding place to go:

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