Sunday, August 14, 2016

Still Life with Robin: Olympics Keep Getting Better, Part II

Ipanema by Vani Ribeiro
via Wikimedia - Creative Commons
by Peggy Robin

Last week I raved about some great Olympic moments….all of them totally made up. Like Giraffe Team Diving (see:

This week I’m not making anything up.

It really is true that Olympic gymnastic phenom Simone Biles can jump TWICE HER HEIGHT:

Bethesda’s own Katie Ledecky was so great in Saturday’s gold medal winning, world-record-breaking 800m freestlyle final that her nearest competitors were not even in the same camera frame with her as she raced. The silver medalist was over 11 seconds behind her.
She beat her own world record by two full seconds.

Michael Phelps proved he is the greatest swimmer of our age, and may yet be the greatest swimmer of all time….but all the same that does not give him a pass for naming his innocent little baby “Boomer.” That’s a dog name, Phelps. You shouldn’t have done it. Your child will grow up to blame you for it.

Now to a small Olympic mystery: why aren’t the Olympic medalists getting flowers? And what are those funny little multi-colored trophies they’re handed instead? The answer: Flowers are a water-devouring crop; they’re just not in keeping with the environmental sustainability theme of the Rio Olympics. Instead of giving the athletes a bouquet that looks good for a few days and then must be thrown away, the organizers decided to give out permanent souvenirs in the shape of the Rio Olympics logo --three stylized figures holding hands in a circle-- that double as a medal-holder/stand.

If you have not had time to watch a lot of this weekend’s Olympic events….or you can’t abide all the hype and schmaltz of NBC’s coverage, punctuated by long, long, longer commercial breaks, you might instead opt to look’s slideshow of Olympic “photos of the day”.

Occasionally, however, NBC hits the sweet spot with a mini-feature on a previously unheralded athlete. That’s the case with the story of Brazil’s adorable swimmer, DinDin the Penguin:


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