Sunday, November 27, 2016

Still Life with Robin: At Seventeen

Photo by Bill Adler
by Peggy Robin

It’s two days early, but happy seventeenth anniversary to the Cleveland Park Listserv! It was started on November 30, 1999 by Bill Adler and me, and by the end of the first year had close to 900 members. It’s been growing steadily by about around 1,000 members per year (well, for the sake of mathematical accuracy, the average works out to 974.5 per year), and here we are, closing in on year 17, with the current subscriber number at 16,555. You can view that total and some other statistics about the listserv on our homepage at: - scroll down to the bottom of the page for the grid showing messages per month.

For some helpful tips about how the listserv works and some info about troubleshooting problems with the often-infuriatingly complicated Yahoogroups log-on, we recommend the Listserv’s Frequently Asked Questions page at:

Looking forward to many more years of listing with you all!

Still Life with Robin is published on the Cleveland Park Listserv and on All Life Is Local on Saturdays (and sometimes, like today, on Sundays).

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