Sunday, December 18, 2016

Still Life with Robin: Something to See

Nat Geo Best Travel Photos of 2016 
by Peggy Robin

Yesterday, as I was standing in a 45-minute line at the Post Office, I was thinking about what I would write in my weekly column….probably something about all the annoyances of that experience. How long it was taking to help each customer. How hard it was to figure out which forms were needed for overseas shipping. How confusing was the poster with the information on the shipping options. And then they opened a separate “cash only” window, and how difficult it was to gauge whether jumping to the end of that  single line would go any faster than staying in the multi-window line for credit card customers. The time dragged by. But at last I got home, where I sat down at my computer and opened my email. And to my surprise, there was something that made me think I should put aside my complaints about things like line-length and package hassles. Because of the white shafts of light glowing through the trees in India. And because there was an orangutan climbing to the top of a tree in Borneo. These images came to me in an email from National Geographic with links to several different photo collections. Here’s what they sent me:

National Geographic’s Best Photography of the Year:

And the Best Travel Photos of 2016 / Most Liked on Instagram:

And the Best of the Photo of the Day:

And the Most Moving Photos of the Year:

There’s a lot to go through here. But I promise you it’s a much better use of your time than standing in line at the post office….or thinking about whatever little this-that-or-the-other has frustrated or annoyed you over the course of your day. There’s nothing like two foxes running in the snow….or a starry night in Nepal, to put a bit of wonder back into your spirit. How about a rainbow? (The one that’s #14 in the Most Liked on Instagram collection is not a clich√©:


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