Saturday, November 3, 2018

Still Life with Robin: A November To-Do List

Photo by Bill Adler
by Peggy Robin

Time flies when you’re in mid-fall.

November has barely begun and I’m sure you already have a long to-do list. Just want to make sure these five essential things are on it:

1. Take your pumpkins to a nearby DC Food Waste Drop-off to be composted. Find a convenient location here:
If you’re in Cleveland Park, your best bet is probably the Food Waste Drop-off at the UDC Farmers’ Market, 4340 Connecticut Ave., NW, from 9am – 1pm. If you’re too late for today’s market, just wait until another Saturday.

2. Drop off any leftover Halloween candy to list members who collect it to bring some sweet cheer to people who could use it! There are two convenient choices:
     Judy and Gary Kopff’s front porch: “Please consider donating leftover Halloween candy for Wounded Warriors -- wounded, ill, and injured troops, veterans, and their families and staff in D.C. area military hospitals.  Candy may be dropped off at my home through Saturday, November 10. Drop-off location is the covered porch of my English-Tudor style house at 2939 Newark Street NW, behind the Uptown Theater and about 500 feet west of Connecticut Ave.  A very long stone wall is in front of our property, and there are about 25 steps to our front porch.”
     Marie Shirey’s front porch: “I am collecting: old and new calendars; all kinds of toiletries, yes, those you get from hotels are perfect, and other small items like wash cloths, pens, small pads, pencils,etc. to be used in  making up goodie bags for both homeless men and women for the holidays. Also will be collecting leftover Halloween candies!” Location: 3119 Rittenhouse St NW (between 32nd and Utah) Leave by front porch with your name, and thanks!

3. Reset your clocks before you go to bed tonight or when you wake up on Sunday morning. The mantra is FALL BACK (we get back the hour that we lost last spring in that "Spring Forward" move). If you resent having to run around your house looking for all the time-keeping devices and then figure out how to make them show the right time, here’s a little light reading on the subject to justify your annoyance– -- and then maybe you will join the movement to rid the country of this useless, twice-a-year non-energy-saving time-tinkering that just possibly made sense around World War I, when it was first adopted. (Oops, did not mean to slide into a rant when all I set out to do was offer a gentle reminder of a task that requires your attention tonight.)

4. Mark your calendars for your leaf collection days. Did you get your DPW brochure in the mail on Friday? If not, read it online at: When you first arrive at the site, there’s a big pop-up that says, “READY TO RAKE, DC?” That’s your cue – get your RAKES ready….and forswear your 105 decibel gas-powered leaf blower. You will also find a link to the .PDF version of the brochure that you can print out, to have a paper copy to pin to your corkboard - (if you promise to recycle it once leaf collection season is done!) NEW THIS YEAR! You can register for text alerts or email notifications to find out when leaf collection crews will be on your block. This will be great if it works. Sign up at - and as a back-up, keep a bookmark on DC’s online service complaints page at or keep your council member’s constituent services staff member’s number handy. If you complain enough, they do come eventually….

5. VOTE! If you haven’t joined the trendy early voter crowd, do it the old-fashioned way, by showing up on Tuesday and standing in line. Well, maybe there won’t be much of a line, now that so many DC voters (and I’m one) have taken the opportunity to vote ahead of Election Day. Not registered? DC has same-day voter registration for US citizens with proof of residence. More here: Not sure where to go to vote in person? Find your polling place here:

Oh, and one other thing for the coming week….Happy Guy Fawkes Day (November 5)!
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