Friday, January 25, 2019

Still Life with Robin: Good on Us

by Peggy Robin

Now that we're going to have a working federal government again -- at least in terms of civil service employees (and at least for three weeks!) -- it seems like a good time to pause, take a breath, and thank everyone in the neighborhood who stepped up to offer some form of support to the furloughed or unpaid workers and contractors. If there was anything good to be said of this last month-plus-a-few-days, it was of the actions of those who offered to help -- even if just in small ways. A free cup of coffee is not just a hot drink, it's a way of saying, "We're with you." And a free yoga class can help to reduce stress, even if it doesn't put money in the bank. So I thought I'd give a public pat on the back to the Cleveland Park (and Tenley!) businesses that have given freebies or specials designed to make life a little less awful for the furloughed federal workers during this longest of government shutdowns:

* Baked by Yael
* Washington Yoga Center
* Cleveland Park Congregational Church
* Tenleytown T'ai Chi
* Emily Griffin, LICSW, LCSW-C
* Pam Holland, Tech-Moxie
* Levine Music
* City Paws,
* Bread Furst
*St. Arnold's Mussel Bar

....and the many, many individual neighbors who have volunteered at DC Central Kitchen and other centers serving free meals to furloughed workers.

I know the list above is incomplete. It's based on a quick search of the Cleveland Park Listserv for businesses that have advertised freebies or discounts for furloughed federal workers, but it's missing anyone who might have done so without advertising on the listserv -- and it could even be missing a few who have advertised here but my search results were less than perfect (I can blame that on Yahoogroups, which has its own dysfunctions!).

So if you know of any businesses, professional organizations, clubs,or other groups who should have been named on the "Pat on the Back" list above....well, we can't amend the email that already went out to all the CP Listserv subscribers, sorry! But we certainly can add their names to the list here at the All Life Is Local blog. Just email me at moderator @ cleveland-park dot com, and I will gladly add to the list above. [List updated -- with thanks to Anne G. on Sat., 1/26/19 at 11:23am]

And let me add the fervent hope that we won't be re-running this column in three weeks' time!
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