Saturday, February 9, 2019

Still Life with Robin: Grab Bag o' Blogs 'n' Stuff....and PIZZA!

Baby Moke on the Mend
[Smithsonian National Zoo]

by Peggy Robin

Today’s column is just a bunch of odds’n’ends grabbed from other spots on the internet that I frequent. Hope something here gives you a smile.

First – and somewhat in anticipation of Valentine’s Day next week, one man’s very punny story of wooing his girlfriend in the world of WMATA (from Greater Greater Washington). It starts off a little slowly and lamely, but do stick with it as it builds….

From McSweeney’s, a whirlwind tour of all the possible levels of Voicemail Hell:
[and if the long link above is broken, try this: ]

From Washingtonian’s daily e-newsletter, an account of how the National Zoo’s baby Gorilla Moke broke his leg, and how his recovery is going:

From C-Span/American History Channel’s website, a story from January 9, 2019 – but definitely worth viewing if you missed it when it was on the local news: video showing the moving of a historic building, the oldest synagogue in DC, to a location 3 blocks away, where it will become part of the new Capital Jewish Museum.

And finally – though I feel a tad guilty for posting this so late in the day, almost too late to be of use – it’s National PIZZA DAY!! You can find out what you need to know here (and maybe mark your calendar for National Pizza Day 2020!)
And if you are looking for National Pizza Day deal, well, Thrillist has a long list of national chains with specials for this day…and in some cases, for the next several days.

Who says this column is all fluff and no substance?!
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