Saturday, July 20, 2019

Still Life with Robin: Countdown to J-Day!

Me and My Pal Alex

by Peggy Robin

The Three-Day Countdown to J-Day has begun! J-Day is Tuesday, July 23, and the show airs on WJLA at 7:30pm.

Here’s my “hometown howdy” – a little video clip that all Jeopardy contestants make so they can publicize their appearance on the show.
(I hesitated about posting it because it’s so hokey. But folks, it’s a game show – and I’ve always been a person who enjoys a good hoke!)

If you’d like to watch the show with me, you’re invited to see it on the screens at the Cleveland Park Bar and Grill, 3421 Connecticut Ave NW. Come about 20 – 30 minutes ahead of time and you’ll have time to order a drink and a snack and hear me say a few words about the show. Of course, I’m bound by the 11-page confidentiality agreement I signed with the Jeopardy production company not to reveal the results. If you can make it, please let me know by email ahead of time (to - peggyrobin @ gmail dot com), so I can give a head count to CP Bar&Grill.

Next week’s shows are the final five of Jeopardy’s 35th season. And it’s also the 35th anniversary of my favorite (and occasion-fitting) Weird Al Yankovic song:

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