Saturday, October 5, 2019

Still Life with Robin: The Tenleytown Report Is Out!

Tenleytown Metro (Wikimedia Creative Coomons)
by Peggy Robin

Today’s subject is Tenleytown -- Cleveland Park’s Good Neighbor to the North. The DC Office of Planning has undertaken a study of this land: its people, their customs, their environment and the ways they relate to it, use it, and travel through it. The study provides not just an analysis of present conditions and problems but lets us peek into the future and see what changes could be on the horizon.

So what do we discover after reading this painstakingly researched portrait of a people? Why, they’re just like us!

You can read the Office of Planning’s Tenleytown Public Life Study by going to: and then click on Tenleytown Public Life Study 2019. Or you can go directly to the study (.pdf format) by clicking here: 

Or you can jump right ahead to the exciting finale of the report, the end section titled “Tenleytown Tomorrow," which lays out a vision of what the future could bring, if pushed by a few creative sparks. You'll see a spiffed up, jazzed up Tenleytown, centered around a bright public plaza with more and better public seating, scads of better signage, lots more inviting buildings facades to line the streets, with pedestrians, bicyclists, scooter people, and people on who-knows-what-future-transport, flowing smoothly through and around the town. 

Kudos to the DC Office of Planning, which carried out this study, mostly in 2018, with the assistance of the graduate planning and architecture students from the University of Maryland-College Park and the Tenleytown Main Street organization. And thanks to the 40 respondents who agreed to cooperate with the student survey takers. It wasn’t a particularly high response rate (a mere 19%) but it seems that the ones who did agree to stop and answer questions were very much quality over quantity!


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