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Still Life with Robin: The Cleveland Park Listies, Part II - And The Listy Goes To....


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by Peggy Robin

Last week was Part 1 of our annual Cleveland Park Listies Awards Show and Gala. In this pandemic year, we're sorry to report the Gala was cancelled....not that we've actually ever held a Gala before. Maybe next year!

The nominations are online at:

And the winners are....

In the category of BEST ANIMAL STORY:

"Enraptured by Raptors." Follow the months in the life of a struggling hard working hawk family. See the parents lovingly tend their chicks and watch the chicks as they begin to learn to squawk and be noticed and express their personalities! Life as a bird of prey is harder than it looks. Not just a Listserv thread - this thrilling yet heartwarming saga is now told in a book! Available here: The Listy goes to writer, director, photographer, Jen Packard. Best actor and best producer awards go to the Hawk Family.


"Free: Neck pillows for travel.....because we WILL travel again," posted by June K. The optimism and confidence in a travel-safe future shines through the subject line, just when we need it most!


The winner in this category is one of the messages in the 12-message thread about dangerous and invasive plants growing on the grounds of the Whittle School -- specifically, the one that ratcheted up the threat level by pointing out that the Giant Hogweed plant can be used to make a lethal poison. This was confirmed, the poster reports, by a mystery thriller aired on PBS in which the murder was carried out by just that means. Very Hitchcockian! And Listy-worthy! 


The Listy goes to "Rock Creek Park Trails" (Message #158920  ) by Chuck L. (a previous winner in this category - see the December 28, 2018 results here) for his write-up of eight Rock Creek Park Trail Walks to enjoy during the pandemic. The guide is concise but very informative -- and its advice will last us long after the pandemic is over. For that bit of staying power, it wins in a walk-away!


This one was not even close: "Sauleh vs. Berman." What other discussion thread had so much impact on the outcome of an election? I would bet that not very many list members within ANC Single Member District 05 even knew the names of the candidates back in the spring when this thread got started. By the time that ballots were mailed in October, voters of ANC 3C 05 had many opportunities to read what the candidates had to say on a number of weighty issues, and they got notices of the head-to-head debate hosted by the CPCA via Zoom. Both candidates should be proud of how well they communicated their positions via the CP Listserv -- and we congratulate them both for the spirit and the substance of their campaigns.


As noted in last week's column, we already awarded this early -- only four months in the year (April 30) -- to Jonah Docter-Loeb for his Print-to-Protect messages that coordinated efforts by owners of 3D printers to turn out face shields and spare parts needed for medical equipment at the start of the pandemic. But last week we also nominated five other contenders, so that some other noteworthy posts of 2020 would get the attention they deserved. Of those five (1. The Mystery of the Old, Locked Desk - messages #162878 and #162935; 2. Fort Reno History - message #160040; 3. A Cleveland Park Fairy Tale - Message #165713  ); 4. A Sukkot Story - message  #164350; and 5. Newark St in Summer - message #160581  ), we are pleased to award a second POST OF THE YEAR Listy to Newark Street in Summer. Steph G., you have given us a lovely, lyrical tribute to a street that runs right through the heart of Cleveland Park -- and it won our hearts, too. And now it's won a Listy!

Finally, a little extra something for those who have stuck it out till the end of the Listies....which is the blooper reel. In this case, we will close off with the Best Typo of the Year. No, it didn't make it onto the listserv; I decided to correct it, replacing the mis-typed "r" with an "h" in the name, before sending it out to all.....but I so loved the message that told people to be sure to write to our Ward 3 representative on the Council -- Councilmember Cher!


The Still Life with Robin column features the Cleveland Park Listies on the last two Sundays of the year. This column is also available on the Cleveland Park Listserv here:   

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