Saturday, June 18, 2022

Still Life with Robin: Goodbye to the Sunday Supplements on Saturday

by Peggy Robin

When I picked up my Saturday paper this morning, I found the attached note from the people who assemble and deliver the Washington Post to my doorstep. I assume this note went to all of us cave-dwellers who get our news in the ancient style of ink markings arrayed across very thin sheets of wood pulp.

We who cling to our ancient home delivery ways are accustomed to getting a little bonus on Saturdays: some sections of the Sunday paper a day in advance. The Washington Post magazine, Parade magazine, and some glossy/color ad circulars come wrapped in a separate plastic bag and are among the inserts in the Saturday paper. The note says that in order to cut back on the use of plastic, the Post will be ending both the wrapping of these sections and the delivery of same inside Saturday's paper. 
I am not one to object to any reasonable measure to cut down on plastic waste, and so I won't object to this change. I will instead bid it a fond farewell. 
But it means I must make some adjustments in how I spend my weekend time, given that there are a few key time-sucks that now must be squeezed into my Sunday schedule -- when there are already so many other competing puzzles and features. 
Here's some of what I will be carving out a bit more time to deal with on Sunday:
* Reading the Sunday comics
* Armchair-traveling to some of the places covered in the Travel Section
* Fantasizing about entering The Style Invitational (I have never come up with anything funny enough for the exacting Empress)
* Doing Second Glance (but I always stop after 10-15 minutes - I feel no compulsion to find all 12 differences) 
*...and now I come to the REAL reason I will miss getting the Sunday sections on Saturday: I don't go out on dates on Saturday nights anymore, but I always have the vicarious pleasures of DATE LAB!
Oh, what I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of the environment!
Still Life with Robin is published on the Cleveland Park Listserv and on All Life is Local on Saturdays (and it will NOT be moving to Sunday!)

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