Saturday, October 1, 2022

Still Life with Robin: Some Bright Spots on a Gray Day

 by Peggy Robin

I started out with the idea that I would write something about the devastation in Florida left by Hurricane Ian....then decided there's really nothing I can add to what is already being shown all over the media around the clock. Well, maybe it's worth posting links to a few charities that are on the ground now in Florida, feeding people, delivering essential supplies and providing medical care:

World Central Kitchen is the charity set up by chef Jose Andres, which has already done heroic work in so many disaster areas around the world -- and somebody give that man a Nobel prize already!

The Volunteer Florida Foundation has set up The Florida Disaster Fund, which distributes contributions to multiple organizations that will assist individuals with disaster response and recovery. You can text “DISASTER” to 20222 to send $10 or choose a different amount online.

Direct Relief spends $0 of its contributions on fundraising and has a top-star rating from Charity Navigator

And now I think you might like a little bit of distraction from all the havoc nature can wreak, in the form of some amazing animal videos:

The Smartest Donkey:

A Whale of an Appearance:

Here in our own backyard (at the National Zoo), here's a highlights reel from Xiao Ji Qi's first year:

....While out in Monterey Bay, there's a sea otter/new mom floating with her pup.

Hope one of those has brightened up a gray day a bit!
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  1. Thanks for the links!..DC has done very well during the hurricane season this year!...
    Love seeing local Panda Cub, Xiao Qi Ji, & the otters!!- XQJ is a Must-See in person & SO funny all the time in many YouTube videos, too!- 😆 Lots of Gems here!!--