Saturday, December 3, 2022

Still Life with Robin: The National Cathedral As You've Never Seen It Before

At Bingham High School, three seniors made a Cathedral Gingerbread House
for extra credit which is now on display. Photo Credit: Karen Bowden
by Peggy Robin

Today's "Still Life with Robin" column comes to you from Bingham, Utah, where three seniors at Bingham High School constructed the Washington National Cathedral entirely out of gingerbread and icing and other confectionary supplies. Wow!.

This is a feat requiring both architectural and engineering skill, on top of awe-inspiring baking prowess.

Apparently, the trio of multi-talented teens accomplished this at the end of November. I'm not sure why it took until now for the news to reach the city where the real-life, full-size National Cathedral is located -- but I just happened to see it in my Facebook news feed today -  

I am sending out a plea to the religious and administrative leaders of the National Cathedral to send these young baker/architects plane tickets to come to Washington -- along with arrangements to pack and ship their magnificent creation -- so that they can present it for exhibit inside the real building itself.

As of now, it's on display in the Bingham, UT high school library. 

The seniors, Ethan Williams, Namoa Tuikolongahau and James Southworth, were given the choice of an end-of-semester project: either writing a 3-page essay or building a gingerbread house. They chose to build -- and did far more than a simple house. 

For a larger and more impressive photo, go to:  

For more about the high school builders and their project, go to: 

I am assuming the Cleveland Park Historical Society will soon hold their annual Gingerbread House Decorating Day -- and may the children of Cleveland Park be spurred on to new heights of gingerbread design by this example!


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