Saturday, March 18, 2023

Still Life with Robin: Sunrise, Sunset

 by Peggy Robin

Lately I've been struck by the extraordinary number of colorific photos of sunrises and sunsets posted by the DC photographers I follow on Twitter. Normally, around this time of year, I expect to see an amazing array of cherry blossoms images digitally captured and tweeted -- and I haven't been disappointed -- but these vivid sunrise/sunsets have been an unexpected pleasure. Is it that climate change has brought us more intense reds at dawn and purples at dusk? I'm hoping that's not the reason, but in any event, I can take pleasure in the season (unintentional rhyme!)

Here's just a small sampling of what's been in my Twitter feed:

Jeannie in D.C. @RiverGirl707
#Moonrise and #Sunrise 
Alicia Allison  @AAinDC
Morning commuter inspection - almost there
Peter Forister ❄️💨❄️@forecaster25
Beautiful optics over Virginia this morning! #vawx
Diane @DianeKrauthamer
Sunset, Georgetown 
David @Davides81
GM happy weekend Every1
Video at Tidal Basin
Frank Sellin @franksellin
Good evening, #DC Next to Douglas Memorial Church on H St NE
Cherry blossoms underway this morning at the #TidalBasin while many buds wait to burst forth.
Kevin Ambrose @dcstormchaser
A few cherry blossoms at dawn
Sunrise and moonrise together
Sunrise time-slice

Good morning and good evening to all!
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