Monday, September 27, 2010

Bicyclists Assaulted on Metro Branch Trail in Brookland

If you're biking on the Metro Branch Trail, be on the lookout for teens who suddenly rise up from a bench and push over bicyclists. These teenagers don't steal bikes: All they appear to want to do is knock over cyclists. Here is how one biker, Heather, describes her unfortunate encounter with these teenagers (from her account on the Brookland listserv).
I was riding my bike home from work on the Metro Branch Trail about 3:45 pm this afternoon (Saturday) when a female member of a group of 6 young teenagers stood up from a bench and pushed me off my bike as I rode by. I slammed into the fence along the trail. She then proceeded to sit back down on the bench as I struggled with my bike. They did not attempt to take anything from me. This happened a few hundred feet from the entrance onto the trail at 8th and Edgewood, right by DC Prep. I rode my bike (which was all bent out of alignment) to the trail head and called police. The police responded quickly and were very helpful, but the kids were gone.
I am bruised and shaken, but basically okay.
Since this has happened I have learned that this is not an isolated event and others have been harassed as they have been biking on the trail.
City Council Member Harry Thomas has been in touch with commander of MPD-5D to ensure that there's adequate safety on the trail.

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