Friday, September 3, 2010

Watch Out: Burglaries on the Increase in NW DC

Eyes open, everyone.  Burglaries are up in the Second District MPD, which covers Cleveland Park and nearby neighborhoods. (You can view a map of the Second District's area here.)  Here is the bulletin from Second District Commander Matt Klein.
I wanted to alert the community that we’re seeing an increase in burglaries in various locations in the upper-end of the Second District. Some of the burglaries occurred during the night while occupants were asleep. Yesterday, a home was broken into in the 1800 block of 47th Place , as well as a home in the 4600 block of 43rd Place, NW . No one was injured during the burglaries, and residents were not able to provide us with a description of the suspect.
We have experienced these burglaries before and were able to apprehend these criminals with the public’s assistance. I’m asking for that help again. Please make sure to lock doors and windows (including during nighttime hours when at home), activate your alarms, and be sure to call 911 immediately if you observe anyone acting suspiciously.
I have instructed all Second District personnel to expedite their response to each call for a suspicious person or home alarm. I have also added personnel dedicated to patrolling alleys, side streets and other areas. 
Thank you.
          Commander Matt Klein
          DC Metropolitan Police Department
          Second District

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