Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Mostly Neighbors Who Blow Through Stop Signs

Urban legend has it that it's mostly commuters who blow through stop signs. People who live in a particular neighborhood are much more likely to respect the local traffic laws.

It turns out that this urban legend is exactly that -- legend, not fact -- at least in the Cleveland Park neighborhood. Here's what one ANC commissioner reported on the Cleveland Park Listserv about how local drivers behave. And they behave badly:

Officer Baker has been out patrolling 36th St. between Porter and Lowell Streets and also Macomb St. between Wisconsin and 35th Streets. He reports that he is writing stop sign violations and that contrary to urban legend the violators live in the neighborhood. This is a reminder to come to complete stop even if you don't see another car or pedestrian.


  1. It's crucial for all drivers to proceed at slower speeds through neighborhoods and to stop at all stop signs and red lights. Cars routinely violate these rules and an increasing number of pedestrians have been killed or injured.

  2. I walk from Wisconsin Avenue to the Woodley Park metro in the mornings around 7 am. I have yet to see one car come to a true, complete stop at any stop sign. Some don't even slow down.