Monday, November 22, 2010

Nude Protest Against Body Scanners in Germany

Americans aren't the only ones upset by whole body scanners that display your naked image. In Germany, there was a semi-nude protest against these scanners, and you can watch it here:

It's been said that these scanners aren't that revealing; that you see an unattractive image of the criminal passenger. What's not been written about much in the media is that it's easy to modify these images with off-the-shelf software and turn them into pure porn. It's wrong to subject passengers to this --or to an intimate pat-down-- every time we fly. Watch this short video about how what the TSA screener sees can easily become lurid porn.

National Opt-Out Day is Thursday.  That day is making more and more sense all the time: Just say no to TSA's new security procedures.

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