Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why Opt-Out Day Is Especially Important for DC Residents

"Enhanced pat-downs," a TSA euphemism for touching your genitals, breasts and buttocks. Whole-body scan, shorthand for an X-ray machine, whose safety has been questioned.

On National Opt-Out Day, this Thursday, November 24th, you'll have a chance to voice your opinion about TSA's new security procedures by opting out of being scanned and asking to be patted down instead.  Pat-downs take longer than scans, and while they're invasive (some passengers have described having their groins touched like being "molested"), pat-downs don't expose you to potentially harmful radiation.

For DC residents Opt-Out Day is particularly important. Other Americans can to write their representative and senators, but we can't. We have no voting voice in Congress. So if you fly on Thursday, just say no to being scanned.


  1. Hilarious, sad, and upsetting; all in one video!

  2. You're right, Stephen. So right.
    Like I posted before, I rather take the train or bus than fly now. When I saw that video of how they upset that little girl. . .