Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TBD Poll: Should Leaf Blowers Be Banned?

Vote in TBD's poll: Should leaf blowers be banned?

On the pro side of leaf blowers: They save time and money when it comes to yard maintenance. (And some fear that banning leaf blowers is the start of a slippery slope: First leaf blowers, then lawn mowers, then cars themselves might be banned.)

On the con side: Leaf blowers damage the hearing of people who use them (even with hearing protection), they pollute, they spread pollen and bacteria into neighbor's yards, they make it impossible to enjoy autumn, and the sound penetrates neighboring houses.

American lawns thrived before leaf blowers were introduced in the 1980's. And American lawns can do fine without them. But what's your take on leaf blowers? Ban them? Keep them? Or restrict their use? Be sure to vote in the TBD poll.

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