Sunday, May 1, 2011

Amazon Magic and Internet Radio

I'm impressed. Very. Yesterday afternoon, a Saturday, I ordered an Internet radio from Amazon. As an Amazon Prime member, I get free two day shipping, and according to Amazon's checkout page, I should expect my Internet radio to ship on Monday for Wednesday delivery.

The Internet radio arrived today, Sunday. Sunday morning, in fact. To say that I'm impressed would be an understatement.

Lately I've noticed that other Amazon orders have arrived more swiftly than expected. Saturday and overnight delivery have become fairly common, without any additional cost. But Sunday morning...well, it was certainly nice to wake up to a box from Amazon.

Perhaps others in the Washington, DC area have also noticed this super speedy Amazon delivery.

An aside: If you haven't considered getting an Internet radio, do: You can tune in hundreds of radio stations from around the world. There's no subscription fee. Once you connect the radio to your wired or wireless home network, music, talk, news from every corner of the earth is yours. If you're an NPR fan like I am, you can even get local stations on your Internet radio. Logitech makes a great radio; other options are Grace Digital and Aluratek (which is what I purchased).

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