Sunday, July 24, 2011

DC Government Holding Graffiti Meeting with "Taggers," Artists, and City Officials - July 26

In a controversial move that some critics are saying will just legitimize graffiti "taggers," the DC government is holding a public meeting with a panel of experts, including graffiti writers as we;; as DC officials representing agencies charged with cleaning and preventing graffiti, artists who have been commissioned to create public murals, and officials in charge of funding public art. The listing of participants did not indicate anyone representing building owners or residents of buildings that have been marred by graffiti.

The meeting place is the Langston Room at Busboys & Poets, a local cafe and bookstore favored by hip urban artists, so it appears that the venue is favorable to the "graffiti is legitimate public art" viewpoint from the outset. At any rate it sounds like there will be some lively and provocative discussion.

Here is the invitation to the event sent by the Department of Public Works:

Got Graffiti? Come Join Us For A Close Up Look At Graffiti In DC 

How do you feel about the graffiti in your neighborhood? Is there a place for it in DC? What is your impression of the people who illegally tag? How would you like to see graffiti handled?

Join MuralsDC as it launches its 2011 program with a look at the culture of graffiti and discussion with people involved on all sides—former taggers, artists, agencies who clean graffiti, and those who fund public art.

Help us achieve a better understanding of graffiti and what we can do to achieve solutions that last.

What: MuralsDC Panel Discussion on Graffiti
When: Tuesday, July 26, 6:00-8:00pm
Where: Busboys & Poets (2021 14th St., NW – Langston Room)

Contact Nancee Lyons at nancee.lyons @ or call 202-673-6833 with questions or comments.

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