Sunday, August 28, 2011

Free on the Cleveland Park Listserv

The Cleveland Park Listserv's
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The Cleveland Park Listserv is the DC'as area's largest neighborhood email list, with over 11,000 members. It's a great place to talk about city and neighborhood issues, find services, such as plumbers, hear about area events, and more. The "more" department includes giving away and getting free things. Everything from ovens to DVDs to plants get given away. Why throw something out, when that thing can find a happy home with somebody else?

People join the Cleveland Park Listserv,, for the conversation and information, but hang around for the free stuff, too. The Cleveland Park Listserv is a great place to get recommendations for all kinds of services, for example. Here's how one person compared the Cleveland Park Listserv to Angie's List in a post made yesterday: "If you are a member of the Cleveland Park Listserv, then you would find Angie's List a waste of money. Someone gave me a year of membership as a birthday gift. One time I needed an alterations person to shorten a dress. They found someone 90 minutes away. Another time, it was a recommendation for some other service person and they supplied a name fast but it was a firm either in NC or SC. The Cleveland Park Listserv has always done better than that with many recommendations and mostly in the immediate neighborhood"

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