Monday, September 26, 2011

Pepco Robocalls Customers At All Hours

Here's a somewhat disturbing report from a Pepco customer in Chevy Chase (excerpted from a post on the Chevy Chase Community Listserv):
I am writing as a warning to be cautious about calling in a power outage to Pepco. My wife called Pepco on Thursday afternoon at about 2 PM to report an outage. The power came back in 20 minutes later, so she thought all was well. One would think that Pepco would know that their service had resumed and let us know. A frequent question: don't Smart Meters tell Pepco this?
Ten hours later, at about 1:15 AM, we were rudely awakened from sleep by a robo-call giving us the good news that the power was back on. A human might realize that calling at that hour should be limited to essential information; the robo-caller apparently knows no such boundaries.
Anyone know if there is a way to cancel a "no power" notice to shut down such an ignorant Pepco robo-caller?

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