Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twitter Hates Leaf Blowers, Too

We're not the only ones who think that leaf blowers should be banned. Few things raise people's blood pressure (and disturb their sleep and concentration) as much as leaf blowers. Leaf blowers are not only loud, but they are very environmentally unfriendly in other ways, too:
  • Leaf blowers waste fuel
  • A single leaf blower disperses 5 pounds of particulates per hour including pollen, pesticides, dust and animal feces into the air
  • Leaf blowers produce considerable air pollution, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and particulates

From Twitter:

I'm about to go crazy with these loudasss leaf blowers outside my window. . .

Broke down and ordered a leaf blower. Hope it's as loud as the neighbor's so I he can enjoy mine as much as I've enjoyed his. ;-)

Ah, nothing like a little AM yoga! (and..cue neighbors' obnoxious deafening leaf blowers). #seriously?! #BadTiming #ohmmmmm

Fall. Best season ever. Pumpkins, halloween, little chilly, but just right. hats. Pretty much everything is awesome but loud leafblowers..

You think leaf blowers annoy you, try it with dog ears!

Another quiet lovely morning at the house, ruined by leaf-blowers a block away...

Leaf blower at 7 am= dark eye circles & crankiness. Who inventedleaf blowers? Can those of us who cherish sleep go back in time & stop him?

Are leaf blowers that much better? They look back heavy and they just piss everyone around you off. #putyourbackintoit #rakelikeaman

Srsly. Wouldn't a leaf vacuum be a better idea? Leaf blowers: wtf? Where do people think the leaves are going, anyway?

Leaf blowers are one of the most futile inventions ever

I can't hear the TV show I'm streaming on my Macbook because the workers leaf blower outside is too loud.

Why can't all the gardeners on our street come on 1 day & get it over with? The noise drives me insane!@* Just say no to leafblowers...

oh god! I hate the noise of leaf blowers!

Leaf blowers must be the dumbest device ever invented. What was wrong with a rake and a broom and peace and quiet and clean air?

Leaf blowers do nothing. they move a pile from here to there. And waste gas doing it.

Ok Mr. Man with a loud ass leaf blower, get away from my window cuz I sleepy and pissed off since u woke me up by being there too long..

just saw two guys with leaf blowers blowing leafs towards each other

leaf blowers - I don't geddit? Surely the wind will do that for free!

Ah, the ear-piercing noise of leaf blowers. When did people stop using nice quiet garden rakes?

to the due with the leaf blower: get the f away from my window. 3 times a week. THREE TIMES. theres not that many leaves yet. #immakillu

Leaf blowers suck. Sure, neighbor, push your leaves onto my property, I don't mind. Someone needs to invent a leaf vacuum.

I hate leaf blowers with every fiber of my being.

Summer is now over because the sky is cloudy and the oak leaves are carpeting the ground. This means leaf blowers blasting all day.

There's cabal of leaf blowers, 8 or so at a time, at the co-op across the street. It makes me unhappy.

My neighbor has this leaf blower and he uses it every other day!! I swear if that leafblower goes missing its not my fault lol

two loud things i hate in this world leaf blowers and.....idk about the other one

There's a special place in Hell for people who use Leaf Blowers.

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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one. I frickin hate those things. They blow MUCH more off the ground than leaves as the article states.