Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekly News Notes (New Column)

We're introducing a new All Life Is Local column today: Weekly News NotesIn this column we report news of note that's happened over the past week. Area news, national news, health news, tech news -- there's a little of many things in News Notes.

This column is still in its experimental and formative states, so let us know what you think about News Notes. Would you like to see more notes on a particular subject, for instance? And if you note something yourself that might be good for this column, please comment in the section below.

Bill Adler and Peggy Robin
All Life Is Local and The Cleveland Park Listserv


Proposed DC streetcar routes:

Postal service to implement cuts next spring that will result in slower first class mail delivery:

Traffic congestion continues to get worse in the DC area:

Cheese may not increase cholesterol:

If you've noticed broken multi-meter parking stations, you're not alone:

Brakes put on the proposal to limit vehicles to 15 mph in DC residentialneighborhoods:

Which is more dangerous, driving drunk or high?:

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