Thursday, January 12, 2012

MPD 2D Officer Comments on String of Recent Robberies in NW DC

On Tuesday All Life Is Local had this report on the latest string of street robberies in Friendship Heights, Tenleytown, Cleveland Park and nearby neighborhood. Police Lt. Alan Hill has been following up on questions received from citizens with a message posted on the police listserv:

Unlike the trend we saw in the middle of the year last year where "snatch and grab" juvenile robbers were specifically directed towards iPhones, these latest robbery suspects are taking all of the personal belongings that they can obtain (except clothing).

As far as victims, there were sporadic incidents of Robbery Force and Violence type offenses with multiple assailants (3 to 4) that would approach mostly female victims from behind and assault them to make them surrender their possessions.

These latest incidents differ [from last year's series of crimes] in that one or two armed suspects approach, man, woman or group, as long as they are in quiet dimly lit, sparsely populated areas.

While there are several differences in lookouts for the suspects and the techniques they use, there are a few similarities that can be shared.

All of the recent offenses involve one or two black males, mostly described as possibly young adults, and the heights have varied between 5'7" to 6'1" In these weekend robberies one or both suspects have been reported as being armed with a pistol. They have been described as wearing ski masks or "hoodies" and dark clothing or blue jeans. In most cases they have fled from the immediate area on foot. There have been two reports of a smaller black two-door type vehicle parked up the street.

There were minor injuries involved in the Robbery Force and Violence offenses as the suspects would immediately begin to punch their victims but there have been no injuries in these latest armed robberies.

These similarities are consistent with some of the information reported in robberies that were described last week in PSA 204 around 41st and Davis Street.

We continue to urge residents to be aware of their surroundings and choose your walking routes wisely. I have reviewed two cases where the victim was approached in an alley in the late evening.

If you notice a vehicle frequenting your neighborhood with no apparent destination or persons just sitting in a vehicle, DIAL 911 and give as thorough description as possible of the vehicle and the driver without bringing attention to yourself and most importantly the tag number or color of the plate and numbers.

Alan E. Hill
Lieutenant, Second District Metropolitan Police Department
alan.hill [at]

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