Saturday, February 4, 2012

WAMU 88.5 Is Moving to Now-Vacant Building Opposite UDC, Across from Calvert Woodley

We are so used to thinking of WAMU 88.5, the DC home of NPR, as "coming to you from American University" that it's sometimes hard to remember that the station's offices are not actually on campus but are located about a mile away, at 4400 Brandywine Street NW, and have been since 1993.

Now American University has announced that the station, which it has operated since 1961, will move to 4401 Connecticut Avenue, across the street from the University of the District of Columbia. The building is largely vacant; after a redesign, occupancy is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2013, with WAMU taking up about half of the 96,102 square footage available . The station is currently using about 23,00 square feet in its Brandywine Street location.

Ward 3 Council Member Mary Cheh hailed the move, saying, "I'm delighted that WAMU is to fill that space and bring the station to Connecticut Avenue—a vibrant Ward 3 corridor. I trust the station will become even more involved with the community and provide opportunities to see and experience radio operations close up."

The new location allows WAMU to have a first-floor, street level visibility, as well as expand to meet its current and future needs.

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